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How to increase productivity with Agility

What does it mean to increase the productivity of a company? At first, you might have the idea that it would be producing more of the same. Scaling the product or service by expanding the number of calls.

However, organizational productivity is related, yes, to the ability to perform, but also to the amount of resources used. Therefore, it makes sense to relate everything that makes up a resource to produce a product or service:

  • Feedstock;
  • Time;
  • Technology;
  • Equipment;
  • People;
  • Law Suit;
  • Costs etc.

So changing any one of these variables into the equation with efficiency, agility and quality to produce more with less will increase the company’s productivity.

 What to do to increase the productivity of a company?

It is possible to increase the productivity of any company. At first glance it may seem easy. But everything will depend on how much every organization is willing to reinvent itself. Even more, to leave the inertia of the vertical and cultural hierarchical structures of departmental fiefdoms. In other words, it requires changing direction and orienting them in the direction of creating responses to customer needs. Innovate and identify new opportunities in relation to customer value perception.

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Undertaking this first step effort may seem difficult. In the same way as increasing productivity with so many variables and what impacts each one can bring. There are costs, processes and operations involved that need to be evaluated in order to have the correct roadmap.

The fact is that to increase the productivity of a company it is necessary to face all this. It needs to have a strategy and vision based on value generation and the real purpose of meeting customer needs Agility.

The start of the improvement journey

First, identify everything that limits potential, using metrics capable of demonstrating current productivity. Then, promote improvement initiatives on each of the aspects. In addition, establish a deadline, objective and clear criteria to measure the result of each action.

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On the other hand, at each result evaluation cycle, promote the necessary adaptations to keep the focus on what is desired.

Dailyagile, as a digital transformation consultancy, enables companies to learn, collaborate and transform their organizations for the future. It uses the best strategy tools in a 100% digital way with a highly customized format to meet the needs of each business.

In addition, you can count on  agile experts  from Dailyagile with experience in different markets. Likewise, each one brings together skills and competencies to carry out from the first Assessment to the construction of the agile journey roadmap.

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