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Training: 5 skills to be effective in agile transformation

Agile  Training is a process of assimilating new skills or abilities in the short term. However, for this to be really effective with the objectives, it needs to be able to not only get the attention of the participants. But enable them to obtain results from the knowledge acquired.

It becomes a great challenge for the facilitator to be able to apply strategies to achieve a high level of understanding over the duration of the training. Therefore, only with theoretical exposition of content this becomes impossible.

Thus, the alternative found by the Agile League was to adopt active learning methods, placing the participant as the center of teaching and learning. In other words, the facilitator becomes a guide, where others discuss, practice and teach the content.

This will promote a more productive learning environment, making the transfer of knowledge enable the participant to be more successful in the application of their reality.

 Leaving training to build result

But what can this impact your company? Choosing to carry out training that simulates the greater reality will be the result obtained from the investment. Especially when it comes to the agile transformation journey that has several variables that impact people, processes, culture, etc.

Agile transformation doesn’t just happen with one person. It involves different roles, responsibilities and areas of the company in order to achieve the desired objectives. Therefore, Dailyagile takes into account the needs of companies, culture, challenges, adapting the language and content to what is actually relevant to the people of the corporation, making the concepts presented practical and facilitating the application.

Effective Agile Transformation Training

The purpose of Dailyagile is to raise the corporate maturity of companies within the agile model through people, behavior and culture. In this sense, it provides a strategy so that it can enable members of the company itself to carry out an effective agile transformation:

01- Agile Master – Creating Incredible Teams

The Agile Master is a facilitator, which ensures the agile team provides an enabling environment to successfully complete the project. In this 16-hour training, examples, dynamics and successful cases will be presented where the techniques applied by the Agile Master have brought gains to the team and organization.

Understand the importance of this role: Agile Master: how to be the professional the market wants

02- Agile UX

The processes that agile methodologies employ are often challenging for UX professionals, who need to adapt their techniques and approaches to the agile delivery model. Therefore, Agile UX is essential to leverage the iterations of each sprint and help teams to deliver solutions with the best experience in a lean way.

03- Agile Xtreme

Agile Xtreme are two intense days of immersion in the team’s flow and practices. Exercising the flow and practices in real time with the demands of the team brings more clarity on the issues that the team needs to focus on to reach new levels of performance and maturity. As a result, the relationship between portfolio, prioritization and capacity is the key to success. Agile Xtreme teaches you how to organize this flow.

04- Management 3.0

After this inspiring training you will come out with several techniques and practices to help your teams and your company to develop better results for people and for the business. In summary, in 2 days (16 hours) you will learn about the techniques and best practices suggested in the book Management 3.0 and Management.

05- Agile HR

Acquire the necessary knowledge to implement cultural transformation strategies, promote cross-functional collaboration between areas, offering new ways of working including engagement techniques, gamification and more humanized practices to manage the system, empowering people. Duration: 8 hours.

These are just some of the training that the Agile League has. After all, there are others available aiming to meet exactly each reality and strategic objectives desired as results of each company.

Therefore, access our page with all available Lean Portfolio Management Training and contact us to analyze which one can provide the desired result.



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