iPhone Speaker Not Working

iPhone: Speaker Not Working

iPhone are now among the most used smartphones ever. This is because they allow those who use them to enjoy high-level performance. Through an iPhone, in fact, nowadays it is possible to monitor the kilometres travelled daily, book a meal or, again, take photos and videos in excellent quality. These are mainly the reasons that have made iPhone one of the best-selling products in the world, leading the Apple parent company to continually renew its offer through increasingly cutting-edge models.

Technological evolution, in this sense, has been incredibly rapid. We have gone from a simple smartphone with a touch screen and internet connection to an iPhone capable of unlocking through the fingerprint up to, finally, facial recognition. Something that, until a few years ago, was just science fiction.

In short, iPhone is truly a product that has been able to revolutionize the digital market. Although this continuous innovation has also led to solving some bugs that, over time, have presented themselves to the user while using the iPhone, it is still possible to encounter some problems that are mostly due to wear of the elements that make up the device. Among these problems is, for example, the iPhone speaker malfunction.

No speaker audio or distortion: what to do

It may happen that, while using the iPhone, the user experiences problems related to the audio quality including, for example, the presence of crackles or the effects of static electricity. The first thing to do, in these cases, is definitely to check the audio settings. So, for example, if the iPhone is set to “silent” mode, you will need to move the side key forward. There may also be a “ Do Not Disturb ” setting.

To check the presence of the latter, you will need to select the ” Settings ” icon and check whether the toggle button dedicated to use in airplane mode is active or not. A second step could be to clean iPhone receivers and speakers. To proceed it will be necessary, first of all, to remove all the protections on the screen: films and cases, check that the slot from which yours come from is not blocked or dirty and, if necessary, clean the opening of the speaker or receiver with a brush small in size with soft bristles.

The brush should be clean and dry. Finally, you will need to check the audio on your device by going to ” Settings “, then to ” Sounds ” and drag the ringtone and alerts slider left and right more than once. If there is no sound of any kind, or if the speaker button on the “ Ring and Alerts ” slider is not active, you may need to have an iPad for speaker service.

If, on the other hand, you can hear some sound, you could try making a call with the iPhone by activating the speakerphone. If you still can’t hear or what you are hearing is crackling only, then there could be two explanations: there could be a problem with the network, or there could be a problem of another type that might require the assistance of expert technicians. in Apple technology.

Noisy audio: how to fix it

In addition to the already mentioned possible solutions, in the case of disturbed audio, the first suggestion could be to try to reset the system by turning the iPhone off and on. A second solution, in case the first fails, is to check the iOS version of your iPhone. To do this, simply go to ” Settings “, then select “General”, then ” Information “.

The screen that appears will reveal the iOS version your iPhone currently has. If there is a more recent one, it will need to be updated. Finally, a final solution could be to remove and reinstall the SIM on the iPhone. To do this, you will need to make sure that you have turned off the device, remove the SIM using the SIM card tray on the right of the smartphone and, therefore, reinsert the SIM and check the correct functioning of the iPhone.

iPhone speaker support: who to contact

In the event that the problem related to sound and loudspeaker persists despite the various recovery attempts made, it will be necessary to contact an expert technician who can solve the problem quickly and effectively. In case you don’t live in Palermo or near the city, finding a valid, cheap and efficient service could be complex.

To do this, you could rely on the internet, trying to rate Apple repair centres based on the quality of the reviews on the service present. If, on the other hand, you live in

Brampton or in a city close to it, an excellent solution to your problem could be to contact Cell2Fix . We can proudly present ourselves as experts in cell phone repair in Brampton.

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