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Model profession: why tall and thin dominate the catwalks?

If your biggest dream is to work as a model, you probably already know the differences between a  fashion career and a commercial one , right? And when it comes to the fashion market, there is a question that lives in most people’s minds: why do models need to be so tall and thin?

Although there are some “short” models, who is 165 cm tall — yes, she is considered short for a fashion model — it is clear that the market is dominated by much taller and thinner women.

Although many believe that this is a way to make the modeling profession more exclusive, there are explanations that are more technical. Today, we are going to unravel this mystery for you. Follow up!

The models are living mannequins

Although models gain notoriety and fame, the truth is that they are like mannequins in a shop window. His role is to expose the clothes, giving dimension, movement and even personality to each piece. At the end of each show, the outfit and the concept should draw more attention than the model.

When a brand participates in a fashion show, it is not exposing its clothes to those who will buy them at the store, but to the opinion makers — journalists, fashion magazines, bloggers and so on.

Now imagine a very curvy woman wearing one piece. Its curves would draw much more attention than the clothes itself and, in the end, the collection would not be presented “raw”. What they need to expose, at the time of a show, is the concept of the collection and not how it will be used by each person after they leave.

Standards help organize

Imagine that you are a stylist and you have the opportunity to participate in a big show. You organize the entire collection and send the material to be sewn, but on the big day, each model has a different height and weight. You made all the clothes in one size, but the pieces won’t fit most girls.

Did you see how difficult it would be if there was no  standardization ? To make the routine easier, all models are fitted within an average height and weight, but even so, it is common to have to wear a shoe that is bigger or smaller than their foot — model life is not easy!

The right molds sell more | Dnk Model Management

Despite the great change that has taken place in the fashion world in recent years, in which  plus size girls  have gained much more space, and other profiles have begun to draw the attention of brands, it is undeniable that the preference of most women is still a tall body. It is thin.

Those who weren’t born that tall still seek to adjust to  the slimmer standards  and prefer to consume clothes that have a nice fit for this type of body. Brands need to sell their clothes and retain customers, so they bet on the preferences of those who buy.

Marketing also influences

This is a complement to what we explained in the last topic. As women look for clothes that fit well on slimmer, taller bodies,  the market  benefits and creates more desire to buy.

Choosing models that fit this profile makes the customer feel that each piece will look exactly the same on her body. She sees a photo of the model wearing the outfit, identifies with that style and goes out in search of a matching piece.

Have you ever stopped to think about how many things can influence the definition of ideal weight and height for a model? Surely, the reasons are much more complex than you had imagined, right?

But, if you want to follow the Dnk Model Management profession and don’t fit all the standards of the fashion career, don’t be discouraged! Today, the market is much more democratic and, with a lot of dedication, you can fulfill your dream and achieve success.

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