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Social media success: 8 rules your company should follow now

Your company can create profiles on all the most popular digital media, but without the right strategy, it will be difficult to succeed on social media .

That’s why we’ve listed here the best practices to ensure a good digital presence for your company – and greater chances to generate leads and new business .

1) Be agile in returns

The immediacy of social media is one of the main reasons for its popularity among people.

And any delay in interactions can have a negative effect on the customer experience and the reputation of the brand.

So structure your team – or hire a digital marketing agency – to ensure that the customer is served quickly and efficiently.

2) Listen more, speak less

Despite the fact that social media channels increasingly develop solutions for those who want to make sales, they are platforms for extracting opinions and measuring consumer sentiment.

So remember to encourage more dialogue between your company and consumers, stimulate engagement and strengthen the brand – and business will come.

3) Be authentic

If you want to be successful on social media, invest in creating a branding voice for your company.

Establish a clear personality for your company, offering relevant content with this profile and the platform you are using.

That is: do not republish the content created for one network in another – or you risk losing your fanbase in one of them.

4) Stay permanently aware of segmentation

Creating a successful social media campaign is easy.

The most popular platforms – such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter – allow you to segment your audience based on interests, behavior, keywords, language, gender and geography.

This allows your budget to be better targeted, increasing your chances of conversion.

5) Remember to be relevant on all networks

As we talked about in item 3, don’t try to be everywhere at the same time.

Different audiences use different platforms. So analyze the profiles of your buyer personas and select two or three platforms to use them effectively

6) Customer involvement vs. revenue generation

Only 0.2% of total business revenue generated in the B2B universe is generated by social media . Strategy or just a missed opportunity?

Some companies may be more focused on community management or brand awareness than revenue generation.

Abdul Rimaaz specialists, for example, carry out work on their clients’ social networks, seeking to engage meaningfully and intelligently with leads and prospects.

This has a major impact on the sales pipeline and revenue. But it is not the only objective of our social media strategy: we like to share, engage, interact and build relationships. This is how we guarantee success on social networks for our customers.

7) Measure the results

Running a digital marketing campaign without measuring results seems unthinkable. So why do many companies still act that way?

It may seem very complicated, which involves work between teams (a demand from the Marketing for IT area, for example) or which seems to take a long time.

But, as with any other channel, your company must identify objectives, set goals, measure and analyze results. So how about hiring a specialized consultancy?

8) Integrate your online and offline strategies

Engagement through social media channels should not be seen as an autonomous activity.

Quite the contrary: your company can achieve even more positive results when integrating its offline media strategies with digital marketing.

This generates a true omnichannel experience, covering the entire spectrum of communications – from email to printed material.

This way your brand sends consistent messages, providing a great experience for your customer.

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