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How to optimize your company’s website for good results in digital marketing

Optimizing your site is a crucial success factor in SEO and digital marketing for companies that want to reap good results in 2021.

If you are looking for the best SEO results, it’s time to focus on more effective backlinks . Focus on factors to create a stronger semantic connection between your authority and relevance.

And this article will give you some techniques to help your company become more successful this year. Check it out below:

Make sure your site is fast

Slow sites are not preferred even among users and even less among search engines.

Nowadays, when many users access your site via mobile, it  is essential to offer fast sites . This is both from the point of view of usability (UX) and SEO.

How to solve this:

  • Count on an efficient hosting provider
  • Enable caching to speed up load time on browsers
  • Check the size of images used on your website and blog articles

Prioritize high-quality content

We’ve talked a few times here about the importance of working with relevant content marketing  as a traffic generation tool.

The best SEO technique to optimize your company’s website in this case is to provide the type of content that connects with your users , which supports the completion of their tasks.

Whether it’s finding the answer to a question, completing a purchase, or finding out more about a particular topic.

How to solve this:

  • Get your content team to answer as many user questions as possible –  buyer personas  can help a lot in this task
  • Use the type of language used by the audience you intend to reach
  • Avoid using technical terms without offering an explanation on the subject or offering a source of consultation (action that already contributes to the creation of  link building )
  • Avoid long paragraphs and always work with inter titles to make reading more enjoyable

When optimizing your company’s website, be consistent

Forget the “landing page mentality” that most current sites offer: optimizing your company’s website involves a true holistic keyword experience.

Focus on your user’s intention – then forget about any kind of robotic language and keep your content coherent and comprehensive for the best SEO results.

How to solve this:

  • Do a comprehensive research study, which includes both primary, secondary and long tails keywords
  • Observe and work on competitor keywords to improve your chances of ranking

Use data to ensure smart optimization

Data analysis is essential both in a successful inbound marketing campaign   and to optimize the website.

They are the ones who help guide the smooth running of your strategies , by showing what actions your users have taken within your site, their information consumption habits and much more.

How to solve this:

Identify the main exit pages. Why are people leaving? Is your call to action clear? Is it attractive?

If your site has a low click through rate, make sure your titles and meta descriptions are optimized correctly.

Old posts still receive good search traffic? Include a call-to-action to guide users to the actions envisaged in your strategy digital marketing.

How to know what to prioritize when optimizing your company’s website

Authority, relevance, UX : all of this is important when optimizing your company’s website. It’s almost impossible to do at the same time, so where do you start?

  • Check your budget. Check what can be solved internally by your team. And what is worth outsourcing, putting in the hands of a digital marketing agency
  • Mix technical solutions with content improvements.
  • Track the data and note any improvements, but don’t be obsessed with causality either. Algorithmic changes can be difficult to identify.
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