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Abdul Rimaaz Google Ads strategy that increased the conversion rate

The Google Ads strategy that increased the conversion rate by more than 197%

Digital marketing plan created by Abdul Rimaaz Digital maximized the conversion rate of an occupational health company, reducing costs in attracting new customers

Companies and businesses in the most varied segments seek to increase their conversion rate, since the higher it is, the greater the opportunities to obtain sales. It is through this metric that it is possible to evaluate the results of the adopted strategy, because in digital marketing the actions are directed towards this main objective: to generate the maximum conversions.

The conversion indicates that your audience was directed to purchase a product, follow the brand on social networks, fill out a form, among others. There are different strategies to achieve a high conversion rate, which will yield not only in quantities of engaged customers, but also in reducing costs to achieve better results.

However, in such a competitive market where segments of all types are vying for the public’s attention, it is necessary to devise a relevant marketing plan that will lead your business to really achieve significant returns. It was with this mission that the Digital Integration team developed a strategy that guaranteed our occupational health customer to increase their conversion rate by 197.61%.

An action that involved testing, analysis and the expertise of the professionals responsible for the account. Understand how we reached this growth and how we can transform your business’s conversion rate:

Google Ads as the main tool for the growth of the conversion rate

With strong competition, the occupational health segment wins who knows how to really impact its audience through effective campaigns. Thus, the Digital Integration strategy team shaped a marketing plan that included customer expectations, based on a broad panorama of the brand through the identification of its performance in the market, competitors and differentials.

For this strategy, the Google Ads tool was used , building campaigns with content capable of engaging and leading the customer to contact the company. Steps that only guaranteed success because our team adopted the following practices:

A / B testing

A marketing strategy cannot be based on guesswork, it is necessary to obtain real data to define which path is ideal for the campaign. The growth in the conversion rate does not come out of nowhere, it is a result that is achieved when there are tests to evaluate the effects of the campaign.

Google Ads uses ads / campaigns that generally have two versions that can contain different images or phrases, so it is called A / B testing, since these two models are studied to understand which one brings more results.

For the verification of these campaigns, both versions are made available to the public at the same time, and the one that gets more conversions becomes the chosen one for the action.

Call to action

A campaign can have several objectives, so you need to know how to present the value of the offer to the public, make it clear what the campaign’s call for action is – sign up for a newsletter, download material, speak to a salesperson, sign up for use the product, among others.

Our client sought the agency with the intention of increasing his sales, therefore, the campaign was directed to this purpose: to make the client seek contact with a seller, ending with the sale of services.

Use of keywords

In order for Google Ads campaigns to reach the desired target audience, an ad group with different related keywords is created. This feature helps to increase the possibilities of conversion, so our team has carried out a careful and specialized search in order to find the right words.

We used keywords that were related to the ad, looking for specific terms for customer service.

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With Digital Integration your business achieves real results, we are dedicated to achieving success in each project we execute. Whatever your goal, we are prepared to design an effective marketing plan.

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