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4 basic Google Ads optimizations that will make your leads better qualified

The Google Ads is one of the most effective strategies to achieve good results and generate leads. However, not everyone who is impacted by an ad and decides to click on it has a chance to descend into the sales funnel .

Therefore, it is essential to know how to attract qualified leads. In this way, the shorter the time until conversion and the greater the return obtained. Otherwise, there is a lot of investment in sponsored links and virtually no sales.

Next, check out some basic optimizations to make your Google Ads campaign a qualified lead machine!

1. Target demographics

Segmenting your audience is one of the best ways to call those who are most likely to buy. For this, it is possible to make the division according to demographic data and that have to do with the acquisition behavior.

If gender or age are determinants, it’s worth defining this in the campaign setting. To target specific locations, the ideal is to use Geotargeting. If applicable, you can also resort to changes in time and days of exhibition.

Even, the more personalized the campaign is, for a specific audience, the better the results obtained.

2. Make the ad clear and descriptive

In cost-per-click (CPC) mode, the campaign is more expensive each time someone goes to the landing page. At first, this is not bad, as there is a chance of conversion or entry into the funnel. However, there are those who will never convert and, even so, generate expenses.

Google Ads

To avoid this, the ideal is to create complete ads on Google Ads , despite the space limitation. Show the price already in the description and specify certain criteria. If you want, you can use extensions from the system itself, which are free. The more data, the lower the chances of receiving the click of those who are not interested.

3. Use negative keywords in Google Ads

Sponsored links are usually displayed by searching for a certain keyword. The problem is that some terms are too broad or even involve a market that is not served by your business. If it is shown to the public, the leads will not be qualified.

To prevent this from happening, it’s best to use negative keywords. They are terms that exclude the display of ads. That is, they define that they should not appear in certain searches. Thus, you can prevent the wrong part of the audience from being taken to your landing page.

4. Explore retargeting to increase effectiveness

The Google ads is not limited to the search page, as it also displays ads on the display network. To reach the right people, it is worth using this device. To fully exploit it, the ideal is to take advantage of retargeting.

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In this modality, people who have already been impacted by your brand are affected again by a targeted ad. As this is shown on the display network, it offers a second opportunity contact. Since the person has had a previous interaction, the chances of qualification are greater.

The Google Ads can be optimized in a simple way, to generate more qualified leads. In addition to these tips, count on the support of an Abdul Rimaaz specialized agency and have advanced results!

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