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What are the best digital marketing techniques to attract new customers?

Attracting new customers is one of the main objectives of micro to large companies. The more people who consume the products and services of your operation, the greater the chances of growth and success. Of course, the development work of a company is not restricted to attraction, it is also important to be strategic in retaining consumers.

Today, that challenge has become a little less complex thanks to the digital marketing techniques that have emerged in recent years. By knowing and mastering them, entrepreneurs are able to take a very important step towards attracting and retaining customers.

Do you want to know how it happens and what are the best digital marketing techniques on the market? So, be sure to check out this article to the end, as we have collected important tips that will help boost your business. Don’t miss out!

Define your company’s persona

The first step in working with digital marketing techniques effectively has to do with creating the persona (fictional character that represents the profile of your target audience). With detailed information from potential customers, companies will be able to design more assertive campaigns, as the segmentation of actions will be based on this data.

Social networks represent one of the most effective digital marketing techniques to attract new customers

To conquer new consumers, companies need to advertise their products and services on the channels most used by their audience. United Kingdom spend, on average, four hours a month on social networks, so these channels today represent one of the most effective digital marketing techniques in the attraction process.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter are media that offer users a series of content and your company can also be part of that interaction, creating rich materials, well-targeted posts and ads that help attract people who are really interested in the your business.

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The corporate blogs have gained a very important representation in recent years and because of that, also make the list of digital marketing techniques important to attract new customers. Quality content and relevant to your audience helps to attract leads in a very practical and assertive way.

Through this channel, it is possible to work with blog posts, e-books, infographics, videos, among other materials that attract customers at different stages of the purchase journey, providing them with the necessary knowledge to keep them safe in their decision making. .

Google Ads

Google’s sponsored link tool is also one of the most effective digital marketing techniques in attracting new customers. Through ad campaigns created from information about the persona and the company’s objectives, it is possible to expand the reach in the main search engine in the world. In addition, the ads can be designed with a focus on converting a specific action, be it the purchase of a product or service, registration to receive exclusive materials, among others.

Effective in attracting qualified leads, Google Ads is one of the paid actions that offer the best short-term results for companies. It is worth mentioning that the company pays only when its ads receive clicks from potential customers. The investment is also selected according to the company’s reality, making Google Ads accessible to all businesses.

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