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The importance of lead generation for the success of your business

Do you know what lead generation is ? Well, with the great competition in the most varied business sectors, winning new customers has become an arduous and constant task, a real challenge for entrepreneurs and for those who aspire to success in their business.

And this is not only due to competition, but also because people are increasingly demanding in relation to the quality of products and services offered to them.

In the digital world, the subject is no different, as the acquisition of new customers, in this case, also depends on efficient Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing strategies, or inbound marketing, which enters the importance of lead generation.

The success of your business will depend on your ability to generate qualified leads, and the first step for that to happen is to invest in defining and planning the right strategies to generate leads.

Tips for generating qualified leads

What is Lead?

Basically, a lead is the person who visits the website of a certain company with at least a remote intention to purchase its products or services, that is, it is a possible future customer.

However, to be considered a de facto lead, it is necessary that this person provide some data that will allow the company a later contact (via email marketing , for example), data that will only be provided in exchange for greater and more detailed information about of the product, brand or service in which you are interested.

Therefore, lead is the visitor that the company “knows”, given that it has information about this potential customer.


The lead has, let’s say, some classifications, ranging from the cold , or simple, lead to the qualified lead , as it flows through the purchase funnel .

Basically, your lead generation strategy should pay attention to the following classification:

  • Cold lead: it is the possible future customer who made his data available in search of some information about the service or product, but he does not feel sufficient security or interest to take the process forward.
  • Lead in the nutrition phase: once the lead already exists, it is necessary to work on inbound marketing strategies based on your expectations. It is necessary to offer what this potential customer needs at the right time.
  • Lead stagnant or inactive: as the name says, it is the lead that for some period of time will not acquire the product or service that was offered to him. Despite this, trade relations should not be ruled out.
  • Lead in recycling process: he was stagnant, but thanks to certain digital marketing strategies that the company used, he is returning to active.
  • Qualified Lead: this is the best and most anticipated phase, where the lead already knows the service or product he intends to purchase, in addition to having full confidence in the brand or company that supplies this good. It is at this stage that the lead will be prepared to receive proposals and begin to negotiate, finally becoming a customer.

How to generate qualified Leads for your business?

Inbound marketing has numerous methods and strategies for generating qualified leads.

You need to know how to define the best strategy depending on your sales process and the goals you want to achieve.

In short, it is the notion of how many qualified leads should be generated, either weekly or monthly, in order for your business to thrive even more, among other factors.

The first contact that the company will have with its possible future customer will be made through the landing page , and it is from that landing page that it will be attracted and, with the strategy for lead generation, transformed into a qualified lead.

Your company’s landing page should make a great first impression on the potential customer, as it works like your business postcard.

This page needs to be interesting and exciting for the lead. For this reason it is necessary to define strategies for lead generation and digital marketing together with an attractive landing page .

Also known as digital lures, lead generation strategies must always be well planned in order to impress the potential customer at all times.

There are several and efficient strategies for generating qualified leads, follow some tips below.

Main ways to generate qualified leads:

  • Spreadsheets: practical and very useful, the spreadsheets can help the lead in relation to information of interest, that is, they can be spreadsheets of tips, guides, organization and control, or calculations. This mechanism will serve as a source of consultation and information for the lead on a specific subject when he needs it.
  • Checklists: also demonstrating their usefulness, checklists consist of helping the lead to solve their problems quickly and simply. Basically, it is a list with instructions that the lead must comply with in order to achieve the objectives of the content. It is a step-by-step to solve a certain problem.
  • Contests: a very effective way to generate qualified leads is to hold contests. In this case, the lead will be attracted by advantages that will be attributed to him, such as some discount on the purchase of a product or service, for example, if he participates and obtains good results in a certain event or competition.
  • Demonstrations: strategy used when you want to show a little more about the product to be sold. As its name suggests, it is a demonstration of how the product will work and will be useful if the lead acquires it.
  • Webinars:   webinar consists of the transmission of lectures and presentations via the internet, live or not, to attract leads. The speaker must present relevant content, which is of interest to the lead, of course, being able to communicate and interact with his potential client, solving his doubts and questions.
  • Slideshare PPT Presentations: With this strategy, presentations are made, using slides, of the product, and its forms of application and use. This presentation must be composed of high quality and extremely attractive content.
  • Ebooks: they are widely used in digital marketing to generate qualified leads. They are very didactic and bring useful information to the lead. It is worth mentioning that the process of producing an ebook is time-consuming, so it must be well planned, with the certainty that it will bring the expected return.
  • Free consultancy: in this strategy, the lead will receive a consultancy that will help him in making decisions to reach his goals, knowing the best way to do it.
  • Toolkit content kits: it is a kit that can address several subjects, such as a kit about what types of clothes to take for a given trip and the moments and occasions to use them. Or even a toolkit itself that will be very useful to the lead.
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