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Abdul Rimaaz SEO strategies for beginners

5 SEO strategies for beginners

Making the pages of your site appear in the top positions of a search result on Google is the dream of many companies. For this, however, it is necessary to meet the parameters prioritized by the platform . Which ones are they? In this article, you will learn about the five SEO strategies to improve your results with this tactic.

Check out and learn how to stand out from your competitors and attract more visitors to your website pages.

5 SEO strategies to reach the top!

The tips we list below are mainly aimed at those who are starting to leverage their company’s SEO strategies. So it is worth noting each step and applying it to your strategy.

1. Keyword

Using keywords that attract people is one of the first SEO strategies , after all people do searches on the internet through words and when inserting them in your content Google understands that it responds to what the user is looking for.

However, it is necessary to be aware that repeating the keyword too much without need in a content can have the opposite effect, Google can understand that you are a robot and not recommend your page.

You will need to find out which keywords are most sought after within your niche and produce content on top of them.

This is also a way to get inspiration for your blog, for example.

Some tools like Google Adwords and Google Keyword Planner can help you find good keywords most searched by users of the tool.

Using long-tail keywords also helps you rank faster because they are less popular. For example, “financial planning” is a word that has more competition for positioning than “how to do financial planning”. In addition, you end up attracting more qualified users to your site by using more specific keywords.

It is important that your keyword is in the text and also at the following times:

  • page titles;
  • headers;
  • alt-tags;
  • URLs;
  • meta titles;
  • meta descriptions;
  • Title and alternative title of images.

2. Relevant content

Something that seems standard, but that is always good to note as one of the good SEO strategies is the quality and relevance of the content produced.

Look for trends and updates on the topics being addressed to bring qualified and relevant content to readers.

Consumers today are bombarded by information from all sides, so look for a differential, some detail that you did not find on the internet can add a lot to your content.

A successful case, a testimonial, a survey that has just been released, add value to the content.

3. Scanning and page loading time

Another important point to stand out as good SEO strategies is the content’s scan ability and the page load time. Both are important parameters for Google.

Scannability is the way you read text and can literally scan a page behind the main points of that article.

Nowadays, with so much content available, people want practicality to know if they are on the right page and not wasting time.

To facilitate this process, some tips are important:

  • highlight important terms in bold,
  • use the bullet points technique (topics),
  • Separate the content into subtitles.

All of this will help the reader to understand what he will find on your page. This type of organization is more attractive to read and will prevent the user from leaving your page, because they saw a block of text, without formatting. Text blocks are tedious and can alienate users.

In addition, the loading time and the viewing of this page on other devices is also something that influences its ranking on Google.

If your page takes a long time to load, it is advisable to look for solutions because it also affects your position on search engines.

Check how your page is appearing on other devices like Smartphones and tablets to ensure that everyone can consume your content lossless regardless of the device.

When indexing search pages, Google already prioritizes pages that are responsive and open with quality on mobile. Failing to meet this requirement will place your website pages far below what you expect.

4. Internal and external links

Placing internal and external links in your content is yet another great SEO strategy that is important to apply to your content.

Every time you visit a website do you notice colorful and underlined words? Yes, this represents internal or external links (you may have noticed some here) that allow the user to go to other content on the same site or others, which have to do with what is being treated there. We call these backlink links.

In addition to keeping your user longer on your site, when they jump from link to link, inserting those links will make your text richer.

It is possible to insert videos and audios that increase the user’s time inside the page and increase their relevance to Google.

5. Content update

Last but not least, one of the fundamental SEO strategies is content updates.

In such a connected world, nobody wants to consume something from yesterday, let alone data from 2.3 years ago, is it? So define a periodicity that you will check for possible necessary updates .

Perennial contents are always the best choice, as they are, in general, timeless or have a longer life that allows you to not have to return to them with such recurrence.

To continue learning more about SEO strategies, we recommend that you access the article “How to rank on Google: the 5 SEO secrets for website”.

In short, the main points of attention of an SEO strategy are:

  • Keyword
  • Relevant content
  • Scanability and page load time
  • Internal and external links
  • Content update

SEO can also, and should, be considered in an e-commerce strategy. Want to know how? Watch the video below.

With so many strategies to comply with, only within SEO, maybe it is time to make your work even more strategic and productive with marketing automation software.

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