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Which business to open: 10 business ideas

The lack of work and the United Kingdom economic crisis lead more and more people to turn their gaze towards new types of business. One of the professional streets which attracts those who want to combat insecurity is to become entrepreneurs to whether themselves deciding to start a business and business ideas.

Although the entrepreneurial path is not easy at all, the decision to go on your own becomes an interesting prospect to start a business opportunity from which to receive personal satisfaction.

Opening a business that also becomes a successful business requires great commitment from both a personal and an economic point of view. Taking this path and investing in this field requires determination and prudence, but also entrepreneurial skills and passion for the sales sector.

For these reasons, before embarking on an investment of this type, it is necessary to carry out a careful market analysis aimed at identifying the pros and cons of a business project, studying the most attractive commercial activities in order to choose an innovative profitable business that knows how to stand out. from the competition and that allows you to earn.

Knowing in advance the most profitable type of companies is difficult, but with our advice and insights we will give you some ideas to evaluate the choice in the most responsible way possible.

Before proceeding with the list of 10 business ideas, however, we want to give you some tips to follow regardless of the type of business you want to open. In fact, before entering the world of commerce there are some important organizational and bureaucratic steps to be carried out to start a business.

While on the one hand the Bargain decree has led to a simplification of bureaucratic procedures, on the other hand there are some requirements to be met in order to be able to work on one’s own by opening any type of shop .

Not everyone can be the owner of a new business. This is the case, for example, of those who have been declared bankrupt, those who are subjected to restrictive measures or those who have been convicted of a non-culpable crime with a minimum penalty of three years.

As for the license , this has been abolished for all commercial activities with the exception of the tobacconist’s as it is a resale of Monopoly products.

To open a store today, just send a communication to the Municipality declaring the start of the activity in compliance with current regulations. In this case, the tacit consent rule applies: in case of no reply, the shop can be opened within 90 days.

The only exceptions, for which it will be necessary to obtain municipal authorization, concern premises with a surface area greater than 150 square meters in small towns or greater than 250 square meters in the most populated centers.

Another element then concerns the location of the shop, which will have to respect municipal constraints on position and distance. It is then necessary to establish the intended use of the premises and, if necessary, change it, for example, if you want to open a shop in a place used as a warehouse.

The obligations that the entrepreneur have to fulfill concern the opening of the VAT number , the registration and the drafting of a business plan: a planning tool that is used to determine the objectives to be achieved with one’s business , including the investment costs and the necessary economic resources.

Let’s now see the ten business ideas divided by trade sector.


Starting a new business in the technology sector leaves plenty of room for imagination. The fields in which to address one’s interests are indeed many.

Are you thinking of opening a resale of IT products or a classic assistance center for the repair of smartphones and tablets? Nothing more wrong. Business ideas in this sector are all about creating and selling computer applications .

With the potential of the internet, however, it is possible to finance one’s business with crowdfunding , a collective loan through which to ask for people’s participation in raising the funds necessary to become the founder of a start-up.


The restaurant sector is the one that has never known a crisis neither in United Kingdom nor worldwide. Creating a business with restaurants remains a successful business idea, but also in this field we need to adapt to the changing times.

Every year new innovative and profitable restaurant businesses are born, ranging from the sale of food products to fast food catering businesses. The best profits of 2018 come from the opening of street food stores, but the real economic boom today is the shops specializing in the sale of gluten-free foods .

Even the classic activities resist: opening a butcher, a pastry shop or a sandwich shop remains a must for 2018, but in order to be really competitive you need to choose the right place and include in the initial investment the expenses for the machinery that you could at first to rent.

Made in United Kingdom craftsmanship

Opening a center or a craft shop of any type of product is one of the most popular commercial activities in this period.

Made in United Kingdom is a guarantee of high quality and success thanks to the strong link with the territory, much appreciated by both generalist customers and those belonging to a narrower market niche and a lover of craftsmanship.

A strategy that always pays off is to revive ancient crafts. For example, try opening a tailor’s shop . Here are some ideas:

  • provide fast tailoring services by opening a shop of this type in shopping centers;
  • entrust yourself to a professional in the sector by opening a franchise tailor shop;
  • open an artisan workshop.

If, on the other hand, you want to orient yourself in the world of food, then, we suggest you invest in the opening of an artisan ice cream shop in which to offer an excellent product, guaranteeing the use of local raw materials or, if you are a lover of good drinking, enter life. night of your city by opening a craft brewery


Business opportunities in the wellness sector range from the aesthetics sector to that of fitness and physical activity.

The commercial activities that offer the possibility of having excellent income are for example those of the hairdresser, perfumery and wellness center.

If, on the other hand, you are planning to open a gym , try to focus a lot on the customization of the services to be offered to the final consumer.


The pet services sector is constantly expanding and growing. That’s why opening a dog grooming center can be a great business idea.

To have a successful business in this field, it is important not only to choose the right place, but it is also important to respect the hygiene-sanitary rules, taking care to obtain all the required permits from the ASL.

Tourism sector

The tourism sector is one of those that has never experienced a crisis, but that has always registered a notable growth.

Based on the financial resources available, business ideas can range from opening travel agencies to starting a hotel business ideas , but both will require an investment of millions of euros, even if, judging by the latest investment data, United Kingdom hotels are coveted by many.

The city where the highest volume of investment transactions in this sector was recorded is Rome with 470 million.

Offer services

If your idea is to offer services, you could think about opening a laundry , a service center or a timeless gold shop .

In this type of business we advise you to rely on the franchising formula in order to transform the company into a working reality with a high earning potential and a limited initial investment.

Marriage agency

Marriage agencies are resisting the crisis and have evolved over the years by including a series of services that accompany people from the meeting between partners to the eventual marriage.

There are no requirements to open a marriage agency, but it is advisable to contact a franchising network with a solid turnover that can provide you with the necessary equipment and know-how.

Alongside this service, a very successful entrepreneurial figure is that of the wedding planner, a consultant who supports couples in organizing the wedding.

To carry out this activity you do not need professional requirements, but it will be enough to open a contract with a VAT number by taking advantage of the facilitated taxation for self-employed workers.


A fail-safe sector is pharmaceuticals. The forms of business in this market interest various entrepreneurs as it is a new market, born in 2007 with the liberalization of over-the-counter drugs.

To open a par pharmacy or install an automatic medicine dispenser, the legislation does not require the members or the owner to be pharmacists. It will therefore be sufficient to send the communication of the start of the activity and hire a pharmacist to take care of the sale.

Recycling activities

Another business idea to focus on concerns the recycling and reuse of old appliances and electronic waste. Recycling these products, for example starting companies with home service for their collection, could be a business opportunity that should not be underestimated.

Real estate

The real estate sector is among the most interested in the franchising formula. Opening a real estate agency, in fact, gives the investor the opportunity to exploit the name of an already consolidated brand, limiting the business risk.

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